Cross-Grading Your Unlimited Club Wash

Cross-Grading is really cool, and cost you nothing.  Zilch.  Zero.  It allows you to choose a different wash on a visit if you wish.

  • If you have a 39.99 plan (Basic Plus with Interior Add-On):
    • Choose either the “Basic Plus with Interior” or “Exterior-only Almost Everything” on any visit.
  • If you have a 47.99 plan (Almost Everything with Interior Add-On):
    • Choose either the “Almost Everything with Interior” or “Exterior-only EVERYTHING” on any visit.
  • If you have the 54.99 plan (Everything with Interior Add-On):
    • Choose either the “Everything with Interior” or “Exterior-only EVERYTHING” on any visit. (if you don’t have time or just don’t need the interior cleaning)

Watch this video on cross-grading: 

The EXTERIOR BASIC PLUS (22.99) Plan does not have a cross-grade option, but if you’d like the Interior Clean, it would be an additional $16 on that visit.

Thanks for being a Club Member!

Here is a visual explanation:

Unlimited Club Cross-Grading Explained