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Oasis Car Wash Becomes Jax Kar Wash!

Jax Kar Wash is happy to integrate the amazing Oasis team into our family! To learn more about Jax and our 70+ year history, visit our History page here.

While retaining most of the original Oasis team, including Area Director Ken White, Maintenance Supervisor Don Bright, and most of the original managers, we will be adding some exciting new features to make it even better!

  • Free self-vacuums
  • Automatic towel-dry for a much dryer car out the door
  • An improved Unlimited Club with more value with each plan and license plate recognition
  • Faster vehicle processing (less prep, more automation)

As a Southfield, MI family-run business, we take pride in our service to our customers and members. Feel free to reach out to us anytime here!

Unlimited Members: your plan is now active in our new system, which is being installed through the end of July and August. You’ll know it’s the new system as there is a tall pole before the auto-attendants with a camera mounted on it; this camera reads your license plate, so the RFID sticker is no longer needed (in most cases, unless your plate cannot be read).

After all locations have been converted to the new Point-of-Sale system, your Unlimited billing account will be transferred to our new system, where you will have full access to manage your own account (here on this website, If you ever need help after the conversion, our friendly United States-based support team is here for you!

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