This letter was sent to all Unlimited Club Members on 4/24/2020.



At last, in the Governor’s new order, it states that we can re-open! We will be doing so in a limited capacity as of Saturday, April 25, 2020. This is to ensure the safety of our members and crew, and provide us time to build our team back up.

What we’re offering:

  • Exterior-Only Washing
  • Free Self-Vacuums, every-other lane
  • Sanitizing wipes for guests to use on vacuum nozzles before and after use (and inside your car if you’d like). You must wear a mask & gloves.
  • Automatic/touch-free Auto-Attendant use — your package will automatically be selected and your receipt will print without touching the screen at any dedicated Unlimited Lanes
    • Only use the Auto-Attendant, NOT the manned lanes
    • Please remember to place your receipt on the dashboard
    • If you have any issues at the Auto-Attendant, please honk your horn for an attendant who will approach and remain at a safe distance.
  • Depending on our labor availability, towel-dry may not be available this or next week. If it’s not, line-speeds will be slower to allow your car more time under the blower for a dryer car
  • Cash NOT accepted for tips
  • Please avoid interaction with our crew for everyone’s safety. If you need to speak to a manager, please call; phone numbers are listed at
  • We’ve partnered with One-Way Restoration who will be offering interior decontamination service for a small fee. Please see this web page for their schedule.

What we’re doing for you:

  • The time your plan was frozen during the shutdown will be added to your time — you have lost zero days
  • In addition, we have added 2 free weeks to your “Next Bill Date”! Your next billing will now be XXXXXXXX.

Need help?

  • If you aren’t yet ready to resume your membership, please CLICK HERE to place it on Vacation Hold. We typically only allow this once per year, but this year that is expanded to twice.
  • For safety, during this time, our on-site staff will not be able to assist with membership issues. If you need membership assistance, please contact our friendly Unlimited Club Team:
    • Login to your account here, then click the HELP button to chat with an agent, or send a help ticket.

This letter is in reference to your Lincoln, License Plate XXXXXX.  Plan type: Exterior Basic Plus.

Thank you for your patience during this trying time. Your family at Jax hopes your family at home is well.

Jason Milen