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UC Email – FS Resuming July 1, 2020

By |2020-07-06T22:27:13+00:00July 6th, 2020|

The Below Email Was Sent to All Members on 6/22/2020. If you did not see it, please check your spam and be sure to mark emails from Jax as "Not Spam" or "Safe". Dear Bill, PLEASE READ FOR URGENT UPDATES ABOUT YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP! Full-Service (Interior Add-On) Resuming For Unlimited Club [...]

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Unlimited Club

By |2021-10-22T19:55:07+00:00November 19th, 2018|

QUICK LINKS Login to your Account Get Help / Contact Us Sign-Up or Add a Vehicle Gas Discount Terms/Rules While we don't have a call-in number, you may: 1. Click the green HELP button at the bottom-right of this page. There, you can search for an immediate answer, or submit a [...]

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Submit Review

By |2021-02-26T19:57:16+00:00January 3rd, 2018|

Your Opinion Matters to Us! If you can rate us at "5 Stars", please visit the Yelp or Google page below to submit your review. And thank you for taking the time! IF NOT, please contact us directly here and give us the chance to make it right -- we stand behind our work! To [...]

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Our System & Safety of Professional Car Washing

By |2017-08-20T21:57:03+00:00August 20th, 2017|

SAFETY OF PROFESSIONAL CAR WASHES / THE JAX WASHING SYSTEM At all Jax Kar Wash locations, we use only soft cloth, high-pressure fresh water and mild soaps to clean your vehicle. We do not use any brushes which can be harmful. Professional Car [...]

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About Hazy Film on Windows

By |2017-08-15T01:42:28+00:00August 15th, 2017|

What is that Hazy Film on My Windows? Published November  9, 2004 MATT HELMS: The grime suspects: Migrating auto chemicals love to leave a film on windshields BY MATT HELMS FREE PRESS COLUMNIST When it comes to that nasty film that builds up on the inside of windshields, blame your [...]

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Unlimited Club

What if you could never worry about “I just got my car wash, and it rained on it”?

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