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Your Best Local Car Wash in Michigan

Welcome to Jax Kar Wash, a local, family-owned business serving Michigan. We’ve recently expanded to include the Jilly’s brand of car washes in Wisconsin and we look forward to providing beautiful, clean cars in those communities as well.

Our priority is delivering expert car washing services and high-quality customer service. At all locations, we use only soft cloths, high-pressure fresh water, and mild soaps to clean your vehicle. We do not use any harmful brushes. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we’re proud to deliver the services you need to enjoy your vehicle and ensure its care.

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Our History

Jax Kar Wash has been serving local communities since 1953. Our years of experience deliver exceptional service.

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Safe & Eco-Friendly

Protect the environment and local natural resources by using our professional car wash service.

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Client Testimonials

Read testimonials to hear why customers love us or submit your own review!

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Career Opportunities

Join the Jax team! We’re hiring motivated candidates who are eager to learn. No experience necessary.

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Join the Unlimited Club!

Keep your car looking fresh and shiny with frequent cleanings. Whether you have clients to impress or just want your car to look its best, our Unlimited Club makes washing cost-effective and easy. Unlimited Club members also receive other special discounts.

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