The Jax Rewards Program –
Free Membership for All

Earn your 11th Car Wash Free and a FREE Birthday Wash every year!

No charge, just have us sticker your car or use your License Plate at an Auto-Attendant, and then register your number free.  Note: your FastPass or License Plate must have been used at least once at a location to be able to register.

Jax Rewards Program Description
Jax Rewards Program Description-Back

How it Works

Depending on the location you visit, we place a very special sticker on the bottom-left corner of your Windshield, or use your License Plate for identification. The bar code is for our greeter to quickly enter your vehicle into the computer on each visit so you will automatically receive your Punches & Birthday Wash.  Or if using only our Auto-Attendants, we can skip the sticker and our system will identify your License Plate and Make by a super-sophisticated camera.

Have more than one vehicle? Each vehicle will collect punches independently.

Where do I need a FastPass?

At the following locations: Birmingham, Royal Oak, Troy, Telegraph.  That will change in the future as we add more Auto-Attendants.

Got a New Vehicle? Need to Move Punches to that New Vehicle?

  • Don’t yet have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?
    If you don’t yet have a FastPass on the new vehicle, please just proceed to any location, get a new FastPass on your car by the Greeter, then see a manager. He can take care of the transfer for you there.  Or we’ll use your license plate at Southfield Road, Auburn Hills, Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills.
  • Already have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?
    If you already have a new FastPass on your new car, please click here to submit a request.

Please note:  To register, your License Plate or FastPass must have been used at least once at one of our locations.