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Our Rewards Program

We like to reward our loyal customers with free benefits to enhance the quality and lifespan of their vehicles. With any paid wash, customers are eligible to join our rewards program, which pays off with a free car wash on their birthday and an 11th free car wash after 10 paid washes. Just have us sticker your car or use license plate recognition at an Auto-Attendant, and then register your number for free. Rewards program membership is free to anyone, but you must register to enjoy the benefits.

Access and Update Your Rewards Information

Register Your
License Plate

Register your license plate to start earning punches every time you wash!

Merge FastPass
and License Plate

Access your account here to merge your FastPass with your license plate.

Move Punches to
a New Vehicle

Don’t lose your wash credits when you get a new car. Move your punches over!

Check Your Reward

It’s quick and easy to check your punch count and rewards history. Just log in!

How It Works

Depending on the location you visit, we either place a special sticker on the bottom-left corner of your Windshield or use your License Plate for identification. The bar code is for our greeter to quickly enter your vehicle into the computer on each visit so you will automatically receive your Birthday Wash & 10 Punches. Or if using only our Auto-Attendants, we can skip the sticker and our system will identify your car’s make and license plate by a super-sophisticated camera. Have more than one vehicle? Each vehicle will collect punches independently.

Registration Benefits

When you register and become a rewards program member, you receive:

11th Wash Free*

After 10 paid washes, your 11th is free!

Free Birthday Wash*

We offer everyone a free wash on their birthday, just be sure to register as a Rewards member prior to your visit or we can do it with you when you arrive.

Senior Citizen Discount

Customers 60 years of age and up can receive 10% off anything (gas excluded)

Fresh Towel Dry

On all Car Washes receive a fresh towel dry, free of charge (normally $1.00 extra for Exterior Car Washes)

Oversized Vehicle Charge Waived

Waive the $1.00 extra charge for Exterior Car Washes of oversized vehicles.

Faster Receipt Processing

One quick scan and your car is in the queue!

Program details as of 4/2021 and subject to change without notice.
*To receive your 11th Wash Free or Free Exterior Birthday Wash benefits, your rewards number must be registered Rewards member.

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Join the Unlimited Club!

Keep your car looking fresh and shiny with frequent cleanings. Whether you have clients to impress or just want your car to look its best, our Unlimited Club makes washing cost-effective and easy. Unlimited Club members also receive other special discounts.

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