The Jax Rewards Program –
Free Membership for All

Earn your 11th Car Wash Free and a FREE Birthday Wash every year!

No charge, just have us sticker your car, and then register your number free.

The Jax Rewards Program Brochure
Jax Rewards Brochure-Back

How it Works

We place a very special sticker on the bottom-left corner of your Windshield. The bar code is for our greeter to quickly enter your vehicle into the computer on each visit so you will automatically receive your Punches & Birthday Wash.  Or if using only our Auto-Attendants, we can skip the sticker and our system will identify your License Plate and Make by a super-sophisticated camera.

Have more than one vehicle? Each vehicle will collect punches independently.

Got a New Vehicle? Need to Move Punches to that New FastPass?

  • Don’t yet have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

    If you don’t yet have a FastPass on the new vehicle, please just proceed to any location, get a new FastPass on your car by the Greeter, then see a manager. He can take care of the transfer for you there.

  • Already have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

    If you already have a new FastPass on your new car, please click here to submit a request.