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Express Exterior Wash

Our Express Exterior cleaning services allow you to ride through our soft cloth automatic car wash for a fast and thorough clean. We’ve conveniently broken down our menu into options that provide the specific level of care your car needs. Whether you just need the basics or you’re looking for protection and shine from hot wax and sealant, you’ll find the car wash services you need at Jax locations.

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Interior Cleaning

Available exclusively at select locations and for Unlimited Club members only. From start to finish, our Interior Cleaning ensures your car is spick and span. You’ll enjoy an exceptional level of care thanks to our expert technicians and our 10-Step Interior Cleaning Guarantee.

Give your car the TLC it deserves!
Hear Why Customers Love Jax

“Jaylen A was the Quality Control person. He did a fantastic job and ensured that I was satisfied. Another person in dry off area noticed my rims did not come clean and took it upon himself to wipe down. Car wash is not getting sheet metal where it wraps around into wheel well. This is has been the best experience I have had out of all the Jax locations that I frequent.”

Patricia S.

“You guys rocked it out! I even had a loose piece of bumper trim that the vacuum guys helped re-secure. I think it was Justin that completed the interior super clean. Wow…it was better than the last time it was done at the dealer for close to $200. Always a pleasure visiting Royal Oak, and I love that I get offered options but don’t feel pressured to buy additional when i don’t want it. Keep up the great work!”

Michael G.

“Moving to Alaska. We love your services and will miss them. Also thumbs up on your easy online Unlimited interface – Well done!”

Jeremy C.

“Lykita and crew were AWESOME. Took time to dry and detail clean inside. Very friendly staff and crew. My car looks wonderful. Always go to this location on Orchard lake near 15 mile. They rock.”

Jean M.

“Logan M.’s professionalism and intention to aid the customer went above and beyond my expectations.”

Diane B.

Product Benefits

Triple Foam & Triple-Bond

Simoniz Triple Foam is applied to the exterior first, followed by Triple-Bond. These wax agents work together to seal in shine and protect your car’s paint.

Ceramic Sealant

Simoniz Ceramic Sealant is the ultimate in car wash line-applied protection. With Ceramic, your vehicle’s finish receives 30-day protection from the elements to keep it looking its best.

Carnauba Hot Wax & Shine

The Simoniz  Carnauba Hot Wax & Shine provides a deep and lasting shine like no other ‘no extra time’ product, working in conjunction with ceramic sealant.


Improve your vision in the rain with Rain-X and let the rain bead up and fly right off the windshield as you drive! This product also helps the bugs and ice clean off easier!

Tire Shine

Let those tires shine with one of our most popular products! This silicon-based product is applied on the car wash line, so it takes no extra time and allows you to ‘ride better!’

Wheel Cleaner

Tired of that pesky brake dust? It can be hard to remove and may require additional TLC. Our safe cleaning solution is applied to the wheels to eat away at stubborn residue.


While every wash at Jax includes the Underbody Wash, it is recommended to seal the under-carriage to help prevent rust.

Underbody Wash

Underbody Wash is included in all washes. This is a blast of water to help rinse off the dirt and salt from the undercarriage.

Guaranteed Clean

If your wash doesn’t exceed your expectations, tell our Quality Control Manager, and it will be before you leave.

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