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Host Your Community
Fundraisers with Jax

Is your organization hosting a car wash fundraiser? Jax Kar Wash is here to help! A car wash fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization. But hosting these events can lead to parking lot messes and environmental concerns. That’s why Jax offers fundraising certificates. You and your group can sell these certificates at the current retail price and retain the profits without the hassle of hosting the event yourself. It’s easy to get your program rolling, and it’s even easier to sell the certificates thanks to the quality service and convenient locations that Jax is famous for.

Charity Car Wash Details

Any non-profit group can sell our wash certificates for cash returns.

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Churches/Synagogues
  • Service Clubs
  • Athletic Teams

Our Exterior certificates retail for $10, and the cost to your organization is $8. That’s a profit of $2 each.

Car wash certificates may not be discounted below the current retail price. Certificates may not be sold on or near the premises of Jax Kar Wash.

There is a 500 certificate minimum (a combination of Full-Service or Exterior passes is permitted). We may be able to reduce this minimum for your organization. For any unsold passes, we will give you a full refund.

Download this application and fax or email it back to us.

Protect Local Resources & Ecosystems

A parking lot car wash might sound like a good idea, but that water drainage flows untreated into the nearest lake, creek, stream, or river. It would be like washing your car in these natural resources, and dumping oil, soap, grease, and other toxins into these delicate environments. At Jax Kar Wash, our wastewater enters a sanitary sewer system. We pay to have our water treated at state-approved facilities designed to protect the environment.

Many people don’t realize that dirty water from parking lot and driveway car washing enters the storm sewer system. Storm sewers are meant only for rainfall and so this water flows directly into the closest creek, stream, or river. Instead, come to Jax for an environmentally friendly fund-raising program that benefits your organization. You’ll feel even better about what you’re doing!

Our Locations

With convenient locations across Michigan, a quality car wash is just around the corner.

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