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Claim a Free Month of Car Washing

If you have a new car, we want you as a Jax Kar Wash customer! We want to help you keep your car looking the way it did when you drove off the dealer’s lot and the best way to do that is to get in the habit of washing and waxing your car on a regular basis. To help you see how quick and easy it is to wash your car at Jax, we want to give you 30 days of free car washes. No catches, no strings!

We want you to try washing with us and once you do we think you’ll be hooked. Sign up and enjoy a month of Express-Exterior washes, plus 1 FREE Full-Service wash! And don’t forget to use your pass for 20% off a Hand Wax (or any detailing) to protect your new investment and keep it looking its best!
New cars only, please, not pre-owned.

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Learn How to Keep Your New Car Looking New

Safe and Gentle

We bathe your car from bumper to bumper with soapy water and soft cloth resulting in a cleaner and shinier car. Soft cloth is completely safe for all vehicle finishes.

Touch Free Drying

Our state-of-the-art touch-free dryers leave your car shiny and dry.

Computer Controlled

At Jax, the computer measures every car and controls the wash process, ensuring a safe and consistent wash every time, while preventing water waste.

Wheel Cleaning

To keep your wheels looking new, Jax includes a basic wheel cleaning with all car washes.

Customer Satisfaction

If any part of our wash process isn’t to your satisfaction, we will make it right!

Maintain Your Car's Value

Regular washing keeps your car in top condition, helping to maintain the value for resale or lease return.

29 Jax Locations to Choose From

With convenient locations across Michigan, a quality car wash is just around the corner.

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Join the Unlimited Club!

Keep your car looking fresh and shiny with frequent cleanings. Whether you have clients to impress or just want your car to look its best, our Unlimited Club makes washing cost-effective and easy. Unlimited Club members also receive other special discounts.

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