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Jax Kar Wash is A Long-Time Member of TradeFirst

At Jax, we love trading! We have been a member of TradeFirst since their early days when they were The Trade Exchange, then Trade Exchange of America, now TradeFirst. All of our services and pre-paid plans are available on TradeFirst. However, discounts do not apply. While you can pay for a single wash on your visit (our Express-Exterior locations excluded*), to save time we recommend one of the below pre-paid options.

  • The Unlimited Club (no promos)
  • The 3-Paks (full-price; no discounted pricing options apply)
  • Gift Cards with a dollar-amount pre-loaded

Auto Detailing is also available on TradeFirst. Please speak with an associate for pricing options.

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Gas and Merchandise are not available on trade.

How Can I Get Started?

Our website is not set up for TradeFirst transactions, so please visit a location and see a Service Advisor (in the booth) or a Customer Service Manager (in the lobby) to make a purchase.

What is TradeFirst?

The TradeFirst program is built on a community of businesses buying and selling goods and services to each other on a system of bartering. By working with others involved in the TradeFirst program, your business can increase traffic volume, reduce storage costs, and create value through trade. TradeFirst brokers these exchanges to create mutual benefit and keep money circulating directly within local communities. Contact your local Jax or Jilly’s Car Wash today to learn more.

29 Jax Locations to Choose From

With convenient locations across Michigan, a quality car wash is just around the corner.

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Join the Unlimited Club!

Keep your car looking fresh and shiny with frequent cleanings. Whether you have clients to impress or just want your car to look its best, our Unlimited Club makes washing cost-effective and easy. Unlimited Club members also receive other special discounts.

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