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Benefits of Auto Detailing

Protect Your Investment

Resale value is increased when a car is detailed regularly. Protect your vehicle with care and upkeep that keeps it looking sharp.

Protect the Paint

Maintaining a layer of protection over the clearcoat paint prevents elements from damaging the finish. This is important in the winter for salt, and in the summer for bird droppings, bugs, and acid rain.

Keep the Interior Like New

Getting dirt, salt, and spills out of your car’s carpet as soon as possible may prevent permanent staining. Your regular visits to Jax will also be quicker and easier.

A Clean Car Rides Better!

Everyone looks better in a clean car, and you may find yourself relaxing more and really enjoying the ride!


Hand Wax

Starting at $99
  • Applied with orbital buffer
  • Cleans, shines, and protects
  • Three-month guarantee!
a close up of a car

Interior SuperClean

Starting at $99
  • Dash, console & vents
  • Door panels & windows
  • Extra vaccuming

Carpet Shampoo

Starting at $99

Carpet and mats are scrubbed with an air-powered rotary brush

  • Mats only: 1 row – $7.99
  • Mats only: 2 rows – $9.99
  • Mats only: 3 row – $14.99

Seat Cleaning

Price per row: $25
  • Creme product leaves leather clean, soft, and conditioned
  • Cloth seats are shampooed, leaving them clean and fresh

Our detailing services are only offered at specific locations. Find the detailing location closest to you today.

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