Jax Kar Wash is More Environmentally Friendly than Home Washing


Water Saver Car Wash Program

Water Saver Car Wash Program

Our nozzles that spray the water on the vehicles are designed to focus the water into a specific spot, which increases the pressure, but reduces the volume. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the water. After months of use, these nozzles wear out — the hole gets larger and the nozzle becomes less efficient, so we change our nozzles as this occurs.

With an electric eye, our sophisticated computer system measures the car as it enters the car wash, and passes that information on to the rest of the equipment in the tunnel. Consequently, the water and cleaning solutions only turn on when the car is directly beneath each piece of equipment.

Need proof that professional car washes use less water? Read the full article “Test reveals which carwash uses less water“.

News 8’s Rich Segal (Austin, TX) filed the following video reportYou can go green by washing your car.


Cleaning Solutions
Although we use several different suppliers for our cleaning solutions and car wax products, each product that we select is biodegradable. In addition, our waste water goes into the sanitary sewer, so there is no leaching of soaps into the ground as you will find with all home driveway washing.


Office Documents
The vast majority of our management forms are on-line and transmitted via the internet to keep paper use to a minimum.


Rather than having our entire staff drive to central location for meetings, we conduct most meetings over the internet. This prevents unnecessary fuel emissions. It’s a small thing, but all the small things help!


Water Savers

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