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Jax is Responsible for Certain Issues

Responsibility of Jax and Customers

This sign is posted at every Jax & Jilly’s car wash as a reminder of some safety precautions and for what we are responsible, and for what the customer is responsible.  We want to ensure a safe experience for every car!  Below, we describe in more detail each line on the sign.


  • We require that truck beds are empty
    • Our cloths straps can get caught in debris, and damage our equipment and your vehicle, and even the vehicle behind you
    • The blower can blow the debris on to cars behind you.
    • You or your insurance would be financially responsible for and cars behind you for failure to empty truck beds.
  • Lower/Remove antennas
    • Older retractable antennas will likely bend
    • Whip antennas, while often are fine, issues can sometimes occur, especially with the design of the Ford F-150.
    • Satellite/shark-fin antennas, while often are fine, due to the nature of their design, we cannot be responsible if one is affected through the car wash.
  • Retract Running Boards
    • On vehicles where the running board is motorized by design, the car wash equipment can get caught on them and cause damage, so we require that they are retracted through the entirety of the wash and drying process.
  • Disengage Automatic:
    • Wipers: This is a setting on the windshield wiper arm to deactivate the moisture sensor.  This prevents the wipers from turning on during the wash process, thereby avoiding getting caught in the cloth.
    • Brakes: Some cars today have automatic braking or ‘park’ when the car is rolling. Check your owner’s manual as all vehicles are unique.
    • Other Auto-Functions: automobile manufacturers are devising new safety or convenience functions every year; since we cannot be abreast of all, we ask that vehicle owners learn their vehicles to disengage any that may interfere with the function of the car wash. We cannot be responsible for issued caused by vehicles’ auto-functions such as, but not limited to: auto-brakes, auto-park.
  • Remove trailer hitches
    • We strongly suggest that hitches are removed, especially longer hitches. For longer hitches, we must retract (pull-back) our Wraps (the equipment that comes around to the rear of your vehicle).  This retract prevents damage to the Wraps and will leave an area of the vehicle rear less than perfectly clean.


  • We are responsible for damage caused only by malfunctions of our equipment
    • Under normal circumstances, our car wash equipment is safe.
    • If a piece of car wash equipment malfunctions and that causes any damage to a vehicle, Jax Kar Wash will cover the cost of the repairs, and in some cases, a rental vehicle.
    • Rim damage is common, but not in the car wash. The most common reason for rim damage is scraping the rim against a curb, and often the driver is unaware when this happens.  If you see rim damage, visit a manager at the location to review the damage pattern to help determine the cause.
  • Other Exclusions
    • Pre-existing damage: Some examples (this is not a conclusive list):
      • A mirror or molding that is loose
      • A loose clip on a bumper, causing our cloth to further pull the bumper off
      • A stone-chip in the windshield, causing the crack to spread into a crack
    • Vehicles older than 7 years old
      • Older vehicles can have worn equipment, including but not limited to plastic clips that hold car part in place. If these clips weaken or fail, a part may fall off in the car wash.  This is considered normal wear and tear, and Jax/Jilly’s cannot be responsible in these circumstances
    • Non-factory equipment: Our car wash equipment was designed to safely wash most vehicles. Vehicles with non-standard, non-factory or after-market equipment can sometimes have issues going through a professional car wash.  Therefore, we cannot be responsible for non-factory equipment including, but not limited to:
      • Bike racks
      • Roof racks
      • Ski racks
      • After-market lights
    • Damage due to driver error: Examples may include, but not limited to a driver putting their car into Drive and colliding with another vehicle or equipment.  In this case, the driver in error would be responsible for damage to their vehicle, other vehicles, and Jax/Jilly’s property.  Another example would be the Auto-Park function, stopping their car on the conveyor, causing the subsequent car colliding with it.


In any case, our managers are happy to discuss any concerns with any customers or members, and we can also review our state-of-the-art camera system with you to understand any suspected damage.

Jax and Jilly’s will “do what is right’ and take responsibility for our performance or any damage caused by equipment malfunctions.

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