The Jax Kar Wash
Fleet Sales Program

Save 9%-18% off our retail prices

  • Pre-paid wash passes with volume discounts;
  • Provided to you in ticket books of 3 washes per, which can be distributed to anyone you wish which provides easy controls for you;
  • Alternatively, we can load the 3-Paks on a gift card (if you don’t want tickets);
  • 3-Paks never expire;
  • Can be used on any vehicle;
  • Can be redeemed at any Jax;
  • No out of pocket employee expense at the time of service.

To see pricing, CLICK HERE.

Click Here to submit a request to be contacted or for more information, and please include any details.

We always stand behind our work, and will do what it takes to make you and your crew happy.  Thank you again for the opportunity to better serve you!

Please note terms subject to change without notice.

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