The Jax Kar Wash
Commercial Sales Program

The Jax Kar Wash Corporate Commercial Sales Program is designed for companies who have the ability to sign-up five (5) or more vehicles. We now offer a corporate account that includes discounts on all wash packages and detailing services along with simple and secure billing.

Qualifying vehicles are considered to be company-owned, employee and all personal vehicles related to each employee, including vehicles owned by spouses and children.

The Jax Kar Wash Corporate Commercial Sales Program is designed to save you time and money while putting a shine on your fleet and extending the life of your vehicles. You will receive car washes and detail services tailored to your needs. These services can be assigned to a specific employee or vehicle. They can also be limited to a specific wash type or limited to a certain number of washes or dollar amount each month.  If you like, you can assign an e-mail address to the account so that you receive an e-mail receipt every time services are rendered.

The benefits of being a Jax Commercial Customer!

  • When a company is enrolled in The Jax Kar Wash Corporate Fleet Program, vehicles affiliated with that company and employee base will enjoy up to 20% off on all individual exterior and interior washes.
  • Sign-up is easy and hassle free!

Jax Kar Wash Commercial Sales Program offers customers

  • Pre paid Details
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Wash Paks (each wash is discounted 20%)
  • Unlimited Club membership (wash as often as you like per month up to once per day)

Flexibility and value for the commercial customer

  • 5 – 20% discount based on annual spending
  • Easy to manage – tracked by Fast Pass number
  • No payment at the time of service (unless you want it structured that way)

Save 5%-20% off our retail prices

  • Pre-paid wash passes with volume discounts
  • Redeemable at any location
  • No out of pocket employee expense at the time of service

Click Here to submit a request to be contacted or for more information, and please include any details.

Thank you again for the opportunity to better serve you!

Please note terms subject to change without notice.